About Rhythm Circle

Children are unique musical audience in their own right, with specific needs and non-linear learning journeys. Rhythm Circle combines best practice in early years education with uncompromising and sophisticated musical experiences for children. We seek to demystify musical elements and empower young students on their musical journeys. 

Rhythm Circle is a music education initiative based on multi-sensory methods, where the elements of music (rhythm and pulse, pitch, dynamics, articulation, tempo) are taught to young children using games and activities. 

Starting formal music lessons is difficult. Not only is there a new instrument to master but also new signs and symbols, and virtually a whole new ‘language’ to get used to. Most students struggle with rhythm and music notation in particular.

The majority of this information is visual requiring prior knowledge of basic numeracy/ literacy and is usually taught with the children sitting still. However, children learn best using their whole bodies, with movement, and by play!

Via a series of progressive activities including musical games, drawing, listening, children are familiarised with basic music notation and develop listening and counting skills.

The course is not specific to any one type of instrument and is designed to be a precursor to formal lessons later on. Having gained security in the basics of music, children can begin formal music lessons with confidence.

I liked the musical games and snap. I also liked the wordsearch.

M. aged 8

The things I liked best were the obstacle course and the bingo.

W. aged 6